First week in October we visited Salem, MA and had a wonderful time.  Although no real witches have ever been uncovered in Salem, it has become a hub of activity prior to Halloween.  We learned much about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 as well quite a bit about New England’s pirates.  We also were shocked back to some memories of high school literature classes by visiting the real House of the Seven Gables and the house where Nathaniel Hawthorne was born -- and the Customs House where he is said to have written The Scarlet Letter.  Below are some pictures from the trip.
Salem, MA
The kids with Bewitched’s Samantha
Sarah in the Stocks
Coffin Cell in the dungeon
Hanging with the witch
Customs House
Salem, MA
Supposedly America’s Oldest Candy Store
House of the Seven Gables
Hawthorne’s Birthplace
Heading Home
Sam found the coffin cell quite disturbing.