Springfield, MA
Springfield, MA 2008
This past July 4 we to took a short trip to Massachusetts and stopped in at Springfield, MA.  Unfortunately we did not have the chance to visit the Basketball Hall of Fame (maybe another time).  However, we did find out that Springfield, MA was the birthplace of Dr. Seuss and we had the opportunity to visit the a memorial garden with some sculptures of Dr. Seuss characters.  We also continued on to Six Flags New England where had a good time -- we will post pictures from there at a later date.
Sarah and Sophia with Lorax
Sculpture Garden
The best we have come to getting Sarah into a book!
Close-up of Sarah in “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”.
Grinch with some assistants
Samuel inside “Oh,  The Places You’ll Go”
Sophia in the book
Sarah, Sophia and Nortan
Sam with the good doctor and the Cat in the Hat
Sams We Are
Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4